Parenting is hard, but you don't have to do it alone.

Trust me, I've been there: in the trenches at 4am. Crying with your baby. Taking deep breaths like it's your job (it kind of is your job). Stress-eating. Breaking up sibling squabbles. Worrying if you're reading to them enough. Threatening to throw away every toy in the house even though they know you won't. Feeling like you're failing at everything.

...Then snuggling your kids and feeling like everything is going to be OK.

But it would be better if you could just get some sleep. And if the Dish Fairy showed up. And the Laundry Fairy. And maybe their friend the Dinner Fairy (aka pizza delivery).

Did I mention feeling like you're failing at everything?

You're doing great, fam, I promise.

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What Do I Actually Do?

I'm a coach for parents who just want to make decisions that work best for their families. With curated resources and judgment-free support you can ditch the guilt, see a clear path forward, and feel less alone on this parenting journey.

You're working so hard to do things "right," but there are so many obstacles that can get in the way--not the least of which is sometimes the kids. 😬

It can be overwhelming just to make it to bedtime every day, and you run out of brain cells for adulting every once in a while. Add the pressure to do everything yourself then post Pinterest-worthy photos of it all online, and it makes you want to sleep for a month.

(Or at least 3 hours straight.)

My individual coaching, classes, and other services allow you to devote those few brain cells left to working, raising your kids, and maybe actually taking care of yourself. I like to say that I could change the oil in my own car, but I'd rather have someone else do it and stick to what I enjoy.

Who Is Parent Coaching For?

Most people don't think, "Wow, I'm feeling stuck. I think I'll work with a coach!" So let me explain a bit what that looks like.

If you're:

  • overwhelmed, don't know where to start, and ready to try something else
  • facing criticism from family or friends and need some support and stronger boundaries
  • feeling like you've lost your identity or sense of self
  • know you need some self-care but are struggling to put yourself first
  • have trouble kicking the "mom guilt" to the curb
  • neglecting yourself, your relationship, and your health, but can't quite dig your way out on your own're not the only one. Sometimes this parenting gig feels impossible. You spend all your energy taking care of other people and run out of energy to take care of yourself.

I work with families anywhere on the crunchy spectrum, or even crunchy-curious. This could mean anything from preparing for an unmedicated birth, breastfeeding or chestfeeding support, respectful sleep solutions, balancing home remedies with western medicine, gentle or respectful parenting, to time management, communication with your partner after parenthood, finding your identity as a parent, and more.

But you don't have to do it alone. Sometimes it can feel like everyone has their life together except for you, and I promise that's not the case.

What If My Child Is Neurodivergent?

Hey, mine too! My kids are 8, 5, and 2 right now, and I've been through a LOT of assessments, evaluations, and appointments. I get it. Parents with neurodivergent kids (autistic, ADHD, OCD, gifted, anxious, Tourette's, etc.) are often neurodivergent themselves, too. So if your kids never responded like the parenting books said they should, or the advice doesn't work for your brain, either, I've been there.

Give yourself 20 minutes to talk about what's going on. No obligation. No pressure. Just a safe space.

What Do Other Clients Say?

“I'd tell a friend who was on the fence to do your consultation (or whatever you call your initial trial session). It was immediately clear when I did mine that I needed to work with you and I got so much out of just that one session. And also that it's so valuable to have clarity. It took a lot of the stress out of the process and really helped me move forward.” - Rachel

Seriously, in just 20 minutes we can:

  • figure out what's really holding you back (it's more than being tired, and you're certainly not lazy)
  • cut through the BS "mom guilt" and judgment from other people
  • set a simple goal you can tackle immediately to feel better NOW

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You don't have to have it all figured out, but feeling like you're in the driver's seat of your own life is a big step.
Let's talk.
Because being your best self helps you be a better mom, partner, and self.

“Y’all!!! I took a chance and did the 20 minute one on one with Stacy - she helped me so much in such a short time. I applied for my right-now dream job (who even knew it was a possibility) and got it. I ended up turning down a job that I knew was going to be way too demanding along with the feeling of being unfulfilled with my SAHM life. I did it y’all!!!! Can’t wait for more sessions with her !!!” - Kendra

After your FREE call, we can discuss what kind of support would be the right fit for you, your schedule, and your budget.

A typical phone or Zoom session is 45 minutes. We check in with what's going well, talk about where you're feeling stuck, discuss a path to overcome your obstacles, set a few goals, and then I follow up with notes and resources.

Recently, Tiffany scheduled a session because she was feeling overwhelmed. They had gotten off track with homeschooling, and she and her kids all do better with a bit of structure.

I supported her through a productive brain dump, then we prioritized what her next steps were, discussed what tools she needed to get organized, and made her schedule for the week together on our call. Afterward she updated me to let me know the week went so well! They got all their school work done so fast that her kids asked to do MORE, and they had time to go to the beach. She felt so much more present and less stressed.

I offer coaching via phone/Zoom, or the Voxer voice app.

It's flexible, because scheduling (especially right now) is so challenging. I get it! So we'll talk when you can, text if you can't. Easy peasy.

“Whenever I'm having a hard time with something parenting-related (or just in general 😂), your response calms me down. Sometimes it's advice, sometimes solidarity, sometimes a good follow-up question that helps me think more clearly. But I always know if I unload on you I'll feel better afterward.” - Anni

What Do Coaching Packages Look Like?

Basic packages are meant to fit your needs and start from $127-$347.

Some common packages look like:

  • Weekly check-ins over Voxer to keep you on track
  • Two 30-minute Zoom/phone calls per month to help you sort out your brain
  • One 45-minute call per month plus weekly Voxer messages or emails for extra support

The majority of my clients see success working together for about 3 months. This gives them the opportunity to set goals, run into new challenges to overcome, and try multiple approaches.

We can discuss all the options on our call. I can't wait to talk to you!

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