You researched the @#$% out of pregnancy and birth. You grew an entire human. You found or fell into attachment parenting(ish) practices that worked for you.

You met that baby’s every need.
You answered their every cry.
You bonded and baby-wore like a boss.

Then your sweet cherubic child turned one (give or take two months).

...and the screaming started.

Your securely attached angel has developed not just needs, but wants. The Baby Book didn’t cover that, so now what the @#$% are you supposed to do?

You’re tired and just want some chocolate and a nap, not a screeching baby pterodactyl banshee head-butting you in the face (ow) and attempting to break every single thing you own. Usually in public while disapproving strangers judge you, your parenting skills, and your outfit that may (or may not) be clean.

Of course there’s conflicting advice, too! Ignore the tantrums. Be present. Don’t let him walk all over you. Let her be free range. You’re the parent. Follow your child’s lead.

Where’s that chocolate and nap, right?

Your child is learning to navigate the world, and you’re learning, too.

You’ve never had a toddler before! If only you knew how to handle this chaos without losing your cool or your mind. If only you had tools to prevent those epic tantrums. If only you could communicate better with your pre-verbal screeching ball of energy.

Transition to Toddlerhood

Sometimes all it takes is reframing our expectations -- which is really hard with your first kid! When you know what's normal, when to worry, and how to handle those challenging situations, it makes it easier to make it to bedtime every night.

It won’t make having a toddler easy, but having strategies and support will keep you sane in the meantime.

We'll navigate that transition from meeting needs to dealing with wants. You'll learn how to handle mischievous explorers of the world without sounding like a broken record of "NO NO NO." We'll dig into your parenting triggers and figure out why we REALLY get upset at our kids.

Then we'll move into how to work WITH our littles to give them control and choices where appropriate -- including parenting in public, the true test of your parenting ninja skills -- and how to play your way out of tough situations.

And you'll have a group of other parents in the same boat as you, frustrated by the same things, running on as little sleep.

I'm ready. Sign me up!

And in the long run, you'll model how to handle big feelings, coach them through tough situations, and know how to hold space while also holding boundaries. These are the skills they'll need as adults that you can start fostering now, and what attachment parenting has laid a foundation for you to do.

I have been there. In fact, my second kiddo just turned 2, so I’m right in the trenches with you.

My oldest was a high-needs baby from day one, but the age between 12 and 18 months almost did us in. (Spoiler alert: We survived! And the second round is waaaaaay easier.)

Toddlers can go from smiling to screaming and back again before you can blink

As a health coach and obsessive researcher, I do the reading for you, then boil it down into what you really need to know to get through those long, toddler-y days. When you know the WHY of the approach, it's easier to execute successfully. But you don't have time to read the whole internet like I did -- and you don't need to.

I've answered these questions for my clients and Facebook group members over the last few years, so I decided to make it into a group experience so you don't feel like you're struggling alone. Because it's not just you.

If you've ever thought, "I wish someone would just tell me what to do" .... hiiiiiii.

“I was already working with Stacy when my sweet, loving baby turned into an actual human being with opinions and emotions, and I had to learn to navigate setting boundaries and limits. She helped me have more reasonable expectations and gave me resources on child development so I was more confident and comfortable as my parenting style developed. It was super helpful to have like-minded people to talk to and bounce ideas off of. It's navigating uncharted territory and you can feel really alone, especially if you have family/neighbors/friends/partners/others who don't necessarily support your approach. Stacy's reminders that "experts" aren't always right and that understanding that my child's path is unique gave me the tools I needed to grow as a parent.”

- Claire Keisch, mom to Logan


With community and a safe space to feel simultaneously frustrated and delighted by your child's growing independence, you can make it through this period, too.

Instead of answering questions on Facebook after you’ve discovered the problems, we’ll head them off at the pass so you feel prepared to deal with everything your toddler throws at you. Literally.

This 6 week online support group begins June 18th and will include:

  • An introductory Facebook Live to get to know each other and hear where everyone is starting the first week of February
  • Weekly videos (with transcripts) that introduce the theme for the week so you can watch them when it's convenient for you
  • Weekly experiments and suggestions for you to try and report back so you apply what you learn and stay accountable
  • A private Facebook community (mixed feelings, but we're already on there) for discussion and peer support/commiseration
  • Weekly office hours in the group for focused support
  • A closing Live video to celebrate survival and success!

What we’ll cover in our time together:

Week 1: Wants versus Needs (6/18)
Week 2: Creating a YES space (6/25)
Week 3: Implementation week / 4th of July (7/2)
Week 4: Parenting Triggers (7/9)
Week 5: Control, Choices, and Power Play (7/16)
Week 6: Parenting in Public (7/23)

Bonus Materials

You'll also get access to special access to talks about sensory activities for toddlers, getting your partner on the same page, and an extra talk about full-term nursing.

If you register before June 4th, you'll also get a bonus 15-minute individual consultation call with me!

I'm ready. Sign me up!

It’s hard being a toddler, but it’s also hard being the parent of one.

You don’t have to despair not knowing what to do or if your kid will grow up to be a sociopath. You can vent in the group, try a new idea, take a deep breath, and know you’re doing the best that you can with the resources available to you.

We’ve got your back, and you’re doing great. If you have a child between 1 and 2 years old and feel like you have no idea what you're doing half the time, I'd love to support you.

Your investment for this 6 weeks of fun is just $167!
If you sign up by June 10th, you can also take advantage of a payment plan.
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You're welcome to share the info with your partner, but if you’d both like to join the community for advice (and so your partner can read the info themselves), you can add them for just $25.

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