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My Favorite Parenting Books

February 6, 2019, Author: Stacy

I’m a research nerd. When I was expecting my oldest, I read a ton about pregnancy and birth to help manage my expectations of that process. But pregnancy is a much shorter time period than parenthood, and most of us spend more time preparing for the hours of birth than the years after it. I […]


5 Thanksgiving Books by Indigenous Authors

November 15, 2018, Author: Stacy

I remember going to the library with my oldest child when he was about two years old. I asked the children’s librarian if there were any age-appropriate Thanksgiving books that were somewhere between “blatant lies” and “smallpox blankets.” She winced. So how do we navigate a holiday that originated as a celebration of a massacre […]


Playful Parenting Techniques That Work

March 24, 2016, Author: Stacy

If you’ve ever found yourself sweating and on the brink of tears in the back of your car trying to shove your child as gently as possible into their car seat after 30 minutes of struggle and hysteria in 90 degree weather, you’re not alone. I’ve been there more times than I care to admit. […]