Does your child struggle with sensory regulation?

Being a parent is hard no matter what. Add a kid with sensory issues to the mix, and it can feel like you’re in constant survival mode.

Other parents don’t understand what it’s like to have That Kid.

  • “Just tell them not to hit.”
  • “They’re just socks.”
  • “Oh, that wouldn’t fly at my house.”
  • “If they’re hungry, they’ll eat.”

You get judged for your kid’s “bad behavior” that they truly can’t help. It’s hard not to internalize that and wonder if you’re just a terrible parent who is failing.

You’re not.

I’ve been there. I get it. I still struggle with it.

But it can be hard to find a community -- so I’m making one.

The Semi Crunchy Sensory Support Group is a community for parents who GET IT.

We can share resources, commiserate, and just be able to vent about our challenges to people who are walking a similar path.

Each month I’ll host a video call for support (they’ll be recorded if you can’t make that time) with an umbrella topic to start.

November: Referrals, Evaluations, and Diagnosis
December: Therapy and Tools
January: School and Social Situations

And we’ll read The Out of Sync Child together chapter-by-chapter for additional resources. Can’t keep up? No worries, I’ll post a summary for you.

We can talk about therapies that have helped, meltdowns, sensory issues versus behaviors, supplements, schedules, heavy work, seamless socks, sensory diets, and all that stuff that so many parents never have to think about.

And I may bring in some guest experts as well. We’ll see what we need!

If this is something you’ve been wanting, I’d love to have you. I’m due with my 3rd baby at the end of the year, so I’m doing a 3-month trial run that may continue after maternity leave if it helps!

Join us by November 1st!

Pay $97 up front, or $35/month for 3 months. Then you just show up. Let something be easy.

Join now - one payment of $97


Join now - 3 payments of $35