Does your child struggle with sensory regulation?

Being a parent is hard no matter what. Add a kid with sensory issues to the mix, and it can feel like you’re in constant survival mode.

Other parents don’t understand what it’s like to have That Kid.

Their advice may be well-intentioned, but it doesn't help when it doesn't apply to your child because they don't react that way to socks/food/discipline. It can also be hard to understand because their bodies interpret information from the world in a different way.

How can we make it easier?

I'm on the struggle bus right here with you, taking it one day at a time. But when I first learned about sensory issues, my nerdy research-loving self read everything I could find on the topic. This is great news for those of you who don't do that.

The Sensory Crash Course is to help shorten the learning curve to making your family life a little easier to navigate.

Over 6 weeks together, we’ll follow The Out-of-Sync Child chapter-by-chapter for additional resources. (Can’t keep up? No worries, I’ll post a summary for you.)

We can ask questions, share resources, commiserate, and just be able to vent about our challenges to people who are walking a similar path.

We'll cover what sensory issues are, first steps to getting a diagnosis and support at different ages, and what that can look like. Then we'll dive into each sensory system and what they look like for different kids who process them in different ways.

We'll finish up by discussing what sensory challenges can look like at school versus at home, and then the very important topic of how we can take care of ourselves while meeting our children's unique needs.

Each week I’ll have office hours for support, either on Facebook Live or a group thread.

Here are the specific topics:

Week 1: 
     - understanding sensory processing disorder
     - first steps and what it means

Week 2: 
    - the tactile and vestibular systems

Week 3:
    - the proprioceptive, visual, and auditory systems

Week 4: 
    -  navigating diagnosis and treatment
    - your sensory child at home

Week 5:
    - your sensory child at school
    - handling your child's emotions and behaviors

Week 6:
    - seeing your child in a new light
    - taking care of yourself

Let's walk this path together.

It can be exhausting trying to help our kids navigate the overwhelming world. Connect with other parents in the same boat and gain insight and understanding on the way.

Join us by November 19th!

Pay $75 up front, or 3 payments of $27 over the 6 weeks. Then you just show up. Let something be easy.

Join now - one payment of $75


Join now - 3 payments of $27

Questions? Contact me at or message me on my Facebook page.