Semi Crunchy Digital Care Package: your monthly dose of clarity and calm

How are you REALLY feeling, mama?

Depleted? Scattered? A hot mess?

"Just squeeze in some self-care!" - random person on the internet

Self-care can often feel like one more item on a never-ending to-do list where you're at the very bottom. I'm not talking spa days and pedicures (though that would certainly be nice), but basics like focusing on what you need in this moment and feeling more like yourself.

There's a huge identity shift that comes with parenthood, and managing it all on scraps of sleep isn't easy. And kids are always moving the goal post so that as soon as you kind of figure out what you're doing, they change!

Maybe you know what you're supposed to do, but by the time you've wrestled your rabid octopi into bed (aww, aren't they angels when they're asleep? #blessed), you're lucky to scroll mindlessly on Facebook before you fall asleep - or one of those little angels wakes up. 😐

Getting to a yoga class, scheduling a hair appointment, or having a hobby all seem laughably out of reach. You may not even know who you ARE anymore. I've certainly had those days.

But how do you get out of survival mode when you're barely treading water?

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Instead of trying to cobble together shreds of personal development, self-care, and therapy via memes on Instagram, just check your email. Let something be easy.

Each month you'll get a themed digital care package sent right to your inbox. You just open it up whenever you find a few minutes and use what you need. That could be listening to a little audio pep talk while you fold laundry, thinking about a journaling prompt while you're putting a toddler down for naptime, or tuning in to the monthly live office hours call (or watching the recording) during lunch.

My goal is that each month you'll hear something that you need to reconnect to yourself, feel more in control of your life, and find a path to move forward.

Parenting is HARD, it's overwhelming, and so often we can only deal with the current urgent situation because someone is hungry or bleeding. Your care package will give you the tools and a framework so that you just have to fill in the blanks to make a plan for what works in your life to feel more calm and in control again.

Outsource some of the thinking. We're not meant to do this alone.

This 3-month trial run starts in July! Register today (or now because let's be honest, you'll probably get distracted).

"I have prioritized my self-care more than I used to. I have felt empowered to do this and set more clear boundaries regarding parenting and household duties. I have felt incredible support through shared experiences in motherhood which has helped me find the confidence to make these changes in my life." - Allison

Just choose your payment plan:

Subscribe now with 1 payment of $75Subscribe now for 3 payments of $27

You get:

  • one themed email per month with a virtual goodie bag of prompts, exercises, food for thought, and more
  • a virtual office hours video call each month
  • a recording and notes of the call if you can't make it
  • an opportunity to submit questions in advance
  • a 3-month pop-up Facebook group for accountability and community

"Having me write down my worries and taking actionable steps for each one was huge. I found some really great resources that way that have been very useful, and it helped me muddle my way through some of the stress. Thank you!" - Julie