#noPHONEvember Challenge

Join us for the #noPHONEvember challenge to be more mindful about phone use

"Mooooom! Get off your phone!"

If you've ever heard your child shout that while trying to get your attention, or had your toddler swat your phone away from your face, you probably felt a pang of guilt.

You're not alone. I'm pretty sure that my kids think my face has a black rectangle in the middle, and I'm sure they feel like they're competing for attention with my "pocket friends."

And they are! I love having adult interaction during what can be a really isolation period of parenting, but it's easy to use social media as a way to avoid dealing with other things, distract ourselves, and procrastinate.

How do we walk that line of using our phones productively, but set a good example for our kids?

Join us for the #noPHONEvember challenge to be more mindful about phone use

Join the #noPHONEvember challenge

Join us for 5 days of being more mindful of our phone usage. It's not a digital detox or quitting entirely. Many of us DO need that connection and interaction with social media, support from our online villages, and to coordinate actual interaction!

It runs November 25-29 (the week of Thanksgiving in the US) and you'll get daily check-ins via Facebook Messenger so you don't have to check your email or Facebook and risk getting sucked in.

Instead, we'll figure out how we're using our time, set a small goal to change a habit, and start working on it with support. It isn't a punishment!

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February Self Care Challenge

I had so much fun doing the #mealplanningmama challenge in January that I'm hosting another one in February!

This Valentine month is all about love, right? We all love our families, even when it's tough. Even when we have to dig deep in the moment. Even when we feel like we're drawing from an empty well.

But what about ourselves?

It's hard enough before having kids. Women are told not to be selfish, to take care of other people, to put others' needs ahead of our own.

And part of having small children often means putting their immediate needs (which they cannot fulfill themselves) first.

The downside is that when we spend all of our time taking care of other people, we run out of energy to take care of ourselves. With all the work we do caring for others, it seems reasonable that someone else would step up to take care of us.

But they won't.

This is where self-care comes in.

February Instagram Challenge with SemiCrunchymama

  • When I notice I'm resentful or bitter, I know -- I need some self-care.
  • When I blame my husband for my grumpiness or can't make decisions because I'm out of brain cells, I need some self-care.
  • When I'm having trouble handling my toddler because I'm having trouble handling myself... you guessed it. Self-care time.

Sometimes we over complicate, though, and think self-care needs to mean a spa weekend, a massage, or some retail therapy. There's nothing wrong with those things, but sometimes they seem out of reach and we tell ourselves we don't have time/money/resources for that kind of thing. And we might not!

Self-care can be as simple as listening to the music YOU like while you cook dinner. It can be a hot shower or bath. It can be working out, a yoga class or quick routine at home, or even a simple walk.

What can you think of that recharges you and makes you feel more "you?"

Join me on Instagram to stay accountable and get more ideas this whole month.

We'll start small and work our way into making sure we feel more loved so we can be more loving to those around us. I'll check in each week with the hashtag #selfcaresunday and prompts to get you going. Answer in the comments, or post your own photo on your account to show what you're up to.

Stretch yourself! (Maybe literally AND figuratively.)

And hey, I wouldn't turn down a massage, either.

I can't wait to see what happens. CLICK HERE to follow me on Instagram and check there on Sundays!

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