My Favorite Parenting Books

I’m a research nerd. When I was expecting my oldest, I read a ton about pregnancy and birth to help manage my expectations of that process. But pregnancy is a much shorter time period than parenthood, and most of us spend more time preparing for the hours of birth than the years after it.

I try to share helpful (or funny) resources on the Semi-Crunchy Mama Facebook page, but I have managed to read a few books in the last few years that stand out as having influenced my parenting in a big way.

My Top 3 Parenting Books for Semi Crunchy Parents

Don’t have time to read? My secret is to download the Kindle app for your phone. I make the background black so it’s not as bright, and I read while I put my kids to bed or am up nursing at night. There are tons of ebooks available from the library, too! Another option is audiobooks if you have a commute, or you can listen while doing chores.

Unconditional Parenting by Alfie Kohn

Unconditional Parenting by Alfie Kohn

This is a great book to read even before your kids are born. (You also have more time to read when you don't have children yet.)

This book is more overall philosophy than practical application, but it offers a big picture view of what kind of parent you might want to be (and why) backed up by studies and research. Most parenting books tend to be based on social and cultural norms, but Alfie Kohn goes beyond that and talks about the kind of society and culture we could have if we parented in a way that was best for our kids, not that was best for the views of other adults.

It's an incredibly eye-opening book, since most of us base our approach on what our parents did, but don't always examine if that's the best approach or just the familiar one.

The downside is that it can make you think about what your childhood might have looked like if your parents had read this book, and you may be disappointed. The book made me rethink my views of praise, school, and discipline. When I'm feeling frustrated or disconnected from my kids, revisiting the principles found in this book help me remember what kind of parent I want to be so I focus more on our relationship than on my kids’ behavior.

There is also a summary of the book HERE.

Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids by Dr. Laura Markham

Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids by Dr. Laura Markham

I originally discovered Dr. Markham through her website,, and was lucky to hear her speak locally here in San Diego when my oldest was about a year old. I appreciate her approach, which is grounded in attachment theory, and provides a roadmap for “authoritative parenting” -- the happy middle ground between controlling authoritarian and unsupportive permissive styles.

She offers specific phrases and concrete examples that I can use in my actual life. I can't promise that my kids actually react like the dialogues in the book, but I have found it very useful, and her focus on empathy is incredibly important and valuable. Luckily, before I had my second baby, her book Peaceful Parent, Happy Siblings was released as well. (I'll do a separate post on sibling resources another time.)

Much of her advice can be found on her blog and newsletters, but having the book as a resource I can revisit has definitely paid off.

Pro-tip: sometimes the Kindle version goes on sale for just a few dollars. It’s still worth it at full price!

Playful Parenting by Lawrence Cohen

I recommend this book so often that I ended up writing a blog post about it because I couldn't find a good summary to send to clients and friends. Cohen is a play therapist, and also a father, so he draws from both his personal and professional experiences.

My oldest was a toddler when I read it, but the activities apply until at least the tween years. He explains various approaches to enter the world of our children to meet them where they are, and how to use play to connect to our kids and give them an outlet for their emotions and struggles.

Being playful and silly does not come naturally to me, but having specific ideas gives me a starting point and ideas to at least get started. When I get it right, it’s like magic!

There are many activities and games described in the book, or he has an entire separate book called The Art of Roughhousing which has diagrams. He also wrote The Opposite of Worry (I’m halfway through) which discusses playful approaches specifically for kids with anxiety.

Two other books I’ve heard are great:

  • The Whole Brain Child by Dan Siegel I've started, but not finished. It explains normal brain development and what that means for managing expectations of behavior in young kids.
  • The Conscious Parent by Dr. Shefali Tsabary comes highly recommended and sounds interesting as it explores the "parent-child journey" as we learn alongside our kids.

Have you read any of these? What are your favorites?

* I do use affiliate links for books, so if you purchase through me, I make a few cents for the referral. It goes toward feeding my kiddos who eat 9 zillion times a day, so I appreciate it.

2018 Holiday Specials

This weekend is a great time to get deals on holiday gifts and kids' clothes. But surveys report that around 25% of Americans also buy themselves holiday gifts! And why not?

So here are a few deals on some of the classes and services that I offer to help you feel confident in your parenting choices in the upcoming year.

December Coaching Special! $75 for a 45 minute session

Holiday Coaching Special

Parenting can be overwhelming. Sometimes you get stuck in your head and can't get out. It's not that you couldn't do it yourself, but you're tired, taking care of everyone else, and cant figure out where to start.

That's where I come in. Spend 45 minutes letting someone else help you think things through. You get to focus on yourself and leave with concrete steps for moving forward that will help you feel like you're actually in control of some areas of your life again.

Normal sessions start at $150 and usually come in packages, but get a whopping half off on a single session!

* CLICK HERE to schedule your session.

Sessions must be scheduled by 12/20/18 because I'll be on maternity leave.

Instant Pot Class Special! $37 through Monday

How to Use Your Instant Pot

Either you finally caved in to everyone else insisting that you HAD to have an Instant Pot, or you finally fit it in the budget and you're so excited to get started - but how the heck do you USE this thing?

You don't have the luxury of a learning curve when your hungry kids want dinner NOW and you don't even know what the parts of this thing are called. I've made it easy with a concise online class that will your new multi-cooker from the box to cooking with steam in about 45 minutes.

* You can read more details here, or CLICK HERE to save over 20% this weekend only! Make sure to wait for PayPal to forward you to the registration page.

Introducing Solids with Baby Led Weaning online course, 20% off through Monday

Introducing Solids with Baby Led Weaning

Starting solids can be a scary proposition. There's so much conflicting information to sort through, or if your kids are more than 2 years apart, a bunch of recommendations have changed since you did this last!

I understand. I read all the books and articles, then I went and read the studies, then I read the NEW studies, and put it all together so that you don't have to. You can read more details about Introducing Solids with Baby Led Weaning.

The biggest concerns that most parents have when they attend my classes are: choking risks, when to start, and allergies. I cover all that and much more.

* CLICK HERE to purchase for 20% off - make sure you let the PayPal page forward you to the registration page

Toddlers at the Table pre-order! $59 through Monday

Toddlers at the Table - pre-order!

Toddlers make everything an adventure, and mealtimes are no exception. There are many adults who don't have a great relationship with food, so how can we be expected to model what a healthy one looks like for our kids?

This class discusses the intersection of nutrition and behavior for kids in the 1-5-year-old range. I've been teaching it live in person and online for a while, but this will be a new format that will be more convenient for you! Order now for delivery in the next few weeks.

CLICK HERE to read some info from the old format.

* CLICK HERE to save 25% when you pre-order my new online course format. Make sure to let it forward you to the page where you enter your email.

Baby Led Weaning PLUS Toddlers at the Table for one low price! 40% off through Monday

Fearless Feeding Holiday Bundle!

Get my two online feeding classes - Introducing Solids with Baby Led Weaning AND Toddlers at the Table - packaged together at 40% off! Such a deal.

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I'd love to support you this holiday season. And remember there are always plenty of free resources over on the Semi Crunchy Mama Facebook page and in the Semi Crunchy Mama Club!

Any questions? Email or contact my Facebook page via Messenger.

It is a holiday weekend (and my husband will be at work), so give me a few minutes. You can also see what I'm up to on Instagram, usually via Stories.

5 Thanksgiving Books by Indigenous Authors

I remember going to the library with my oldest child when he was about two years old. I asked the children's librarian if there were any age-appropriate Thanksgiving books that were somewhere between "blatant lies" and "smallpox blankets." She winced.

So how do we navigate a holiday that originated as a celebration of a massacre without either lying to or traumatizing our kids?

Many families choose to focus on gratitude and family, and introduce Thanksgiving as a historical myth. Here is a helpful history about the biggest lies most of us learned about the holiday (I definitely learned the "Pilgrims and Indians" narrative at school).

5 Thanksgiving Books by Indigenous Authors

Instead of perpetuating harmful stereotypes, here are five books that focus on happiness and gratitude - and are written by native and First Nations authors - that are great any time of year.

If you purchase these books through my Amazon links, I do receive a very small percentage of the price. This money goes to feed my kids and I appreciate it!

My Heart Fills with Happiness by Monique Gray Smith

My Heart Fills With Happiness / Ni Sâkaskineh Mîyawâten Niteh Ohcih by Monique Gray Smith

This dual language picture book celebrates the joyfulness in small moments and serves as a
reminder to parents and kids alike to focus on moments that bring happiness.




We Are Grateful: Otsaliheliga by Tracy SorrellWe Are Grateful: Otsaliheliga by Tracy Sorrell

From the viewpoint of a member of the Cherokee Nation, this book brings a modern perspective to gratitude for both the big and the little things in life. It includes a glossary of Cherokee words for additional depth.





Go Show the World: A Celebration of Indigenous Heroes by Wab KinewGo Show the World: A Celebration of Indigenous Heroes by Wab Kinew

From start to finish, this book is a celebration of the stories of Indigenous people throughout time, in both Canada and the US. Your little hero is bound to be inspired by the stories of figures such as Crazy Horse, Net-no-kwa, former NASA astronaut John Herrington and Canadian NHL goalie Carey Price, and more.



Wild Berries by Julie FlettWild Berries by Julie Flett

Celebrating the connection that we all share with the natural world, this book is also a dual language title, written in both English and Cree. Spend the day picking wild blueberries with Clarence and his grandmother. Meet ant, spider, and fox in a beautiful woodland landscape, the ancestral home of author and illustrator Julie Flett.




Sweetest Kulu by Celina KallukSweetest Kulu by Celina Kalluk

This title by Inuit author Celina Kalluk celebrates the ancestral connection to the natural world, and emphasizes on respect and love for the earth and all its inhabitants in a lovely bedtime poem.




Looking for more books like these or a selection for older kids? Here are links to more resources available. Be sure to check your local librarian for even more great options to share with your littles.

And if your child is school-age and their school still does a whitewashed history, this is a great resource with sample letters to send the administration to effect change. Please say something, especially if you're a white parent.

Have you read any of these?

If you live near me, all except Go Show the World are available through the San Diego Public Library (and I requested it be added). They'd also be great additions to holiday wishlists to support those authors!

Sensory Crash Course

Does your child struggle with sensory regulation?

Being a parent is hard no matter what. Add a kid with sensory issues to the mix, and it can feel like you’re in constant survival mode.

Other parents don’t understand what it’s like to have That Kid.

Their advice may be well-intentioned, but it doesn't help when it doesn't apply to your child because they don't react that way to socks/food/discipline. It can also be hard to understand because their bodies interpret information from the world in a different way.

How can we make it easier?

I'm on the struggle bus right here with you, taking it one day at a time. But when I first learned about sensory issues, my nerdy research-loving self read everything I could find on the topic. This is great news for those of you who don't do that.

The Sensory Crash Course is to help shorten the learning curve to making your family life a little easier to navigate.

Over 6 weeks together, we’ll follow The Out-of-Sync Child chapter-by-chapter for additional resources. (Can’t keep up? No worries, I’ll post a summary for you.)

We can ask questions, share resources, commiserate, and just be able to vent about our challenges to people who are walking a similar path.

We'll cover what sensory issues are, first steps to getting a diagnosis and support at different ages, and what that can look like. Then we'll dive into each sensory system and what they look like for different kids who process them in different ways.

We'll finish up by discussing what sensory challenges can look like at school versus at home, and then the very important topic of how we can take care of ourselves while meeting our children's unique needs.

Each week I’ll have office hours for support, either on Facebook Live or a group thread.

Here are the specific topics:

Week 1: 
     - understanding sensory processing disorder
     - first steps and what it means

Week 2: 
    - the tactile and vestibular systems

Week 3:
    - the proprioceptive, visual, and auditory systems

Week 4: 
    -  navigating diagnosis and treatment
    - your sensory child at home

Week 5:
    - your sensory child at school
    - handling your child's emotions and behaviors

Week 6:
    - seeing your child in a new light
    - taking care of yourself

Let's walk this path together.

It can be exhausting trying to help our kids navigate the overwhelming world. Connect with other parents in the same boat and gain insight and understanding on the way.

Join us by November 19th!

Pay $75 up front, or 3 payments of $27 over the 6 weeks. Then you just show up. Let something be easy.

Join now - one payment of $75


Join now - 3 payments of $27

Questions? Contact me at or message me on my Facebook page.

Sensory Support

Does your child struggle with sensory regulation?

Being a parent is hard no matter what. Add a kid with sensory issues to the mix, and it can feel like you’re in constant survival mode.

Other parents don’t understand what it’s like to have That Kid.

  • “Just tell them not to hit.”
  • “They’re just socks.”
  • “Oh, that wouldn’t fly at my house.”
  • “If they’re hungry, they’ll eat.”

You get judged for your kid’s “bad behavior” that they truly can’t help. It’s hard not to internalize that and wonder if you’re just a terrible parent who is failing.

You’re not.

I’ve been there. I get it. I still struggle with it.

But it can be hard to find a community -- so I’m making one.

The Semi Crunchy Sensory Support Group is a community for parents who GET IT.

We can share resources, commiserate, and just be able to vent about our challenges to people who are walking a similar path.

Each month I’ll host a video call for support (they’ll be recorded if you can’t make that time) with an umbrella topic to start.

November: Referrals, Evaluations, and Diagnosis
December: Therapy and Tools
January: School and Social Situations

And we’ll read The Out of Sync Child together chapter-by-chapter for additional resources. Can’t keep up? No worries, I’ll post a summary for you.

We can talk about therapies that have helped, meltdowns, sensory issues versus behaviors, supplements, schedules, heavy work, seamless socks, sensory diets, and all that stuff that so many parents never have to think about.

And I may bring in some guest experts as well. We’ll see what we need!

If this is something you’ve been wanting, I’d love to have you. I’m due with my 3rd baby at the end of the year, so I’m doing a 3-month trial run that may continue after maternity leave if it helps!

Join us by November 1st!

Pay $97 up front, or $35/month for 3 months. Then you just show up. Let something be easy.

Join now - one payment of $97


Join now - 3 payments of $35

Great Podcasts for Young Kids

It's summer! Are you planning to travel? Road trip? Fly?

Even just driving around for summer activities can mean more time in the car when the kids need entertainment. My oldest can't do screens and we don't even own a tablet, so what can you do to prevent whining, fighting, and screaming?

Enter the podcast.

Great Podcasts for Kids

We also love audiobooks on CD, or downloading digital ones to our phones from the library system, too. But for shorter trips, the 20-30 minute length of podcasts can be just enough to get you through that sticky traffic.

I subscribe to these so the last 2-4 episodes are downloaded onto my phone when I'm connected to WiFi at home, then I don't have to stream anything using data while we're in the car. I also have an auxiliary cable to plug my phone into my car speakers, or your car may have bluetooth capability if it's newer than mine.

My kids are currently 2 and 5, so while some of the content may go slightly over the toddler's head, he still tolerates or enjoys all of these. Most of them should appeal to slightly older kids, too, but your kids may have different tastes!

Great Podcasts for Young Kids

>> Circle Round from WBUR <<

Circle Round takes folk tales from around the world, adapts them for a narrator and several voice actors (usually one being from a TV show that adults will recognize, or from NPR News), and creates original music for each story. A few recent episodes feature stories from Kazakstan, Portugal, and Ghana, and generally have some sort of moral or lesson.

If you visit their website you can listen directly from the site, read a transcript of the episode, download coloring pages, and see featured instruments from the episode's music. New episodes come out each week.

>> Brains On! from American Public Media <<

Brains On! describes itself as "an award-winning science podcast for kids and curious adults." Each week, a child is the guest co-host as they explore various topics in science. Episodes range widely from animals to electrons to space to weather. They dig in to how and why things happen.

It may be a little complex for the toddler set, but my little one will sit through most of an episode.

>>Wow in the World from National Public Radio and Tinkercast <<

Wow in the World is one of MY favorites. Co-hosts Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas are silly and entertaining enough to keep the kids engaged, but throw in smart humor for everyone. This science-y show reminds me a bit of the Magic School Bus - they use their shrink ray to make themselves miniature so they can learn about plankton, for example.

My oldest will ask to sit in the car until the episode is over.

>> Story Pirates from Gimlet Media <<

Story Pirates also has live performances and tours across the country, but we've only heard them in the car. (Ok, and sometimes I'll put on an episode so I can take a shower without the boys fighting.) The premise is simple: listeners submit their stories, and the Story Pirates flesh it out and adapt it into a fancier version.

There's a running framework of them being pirates on a ship, and there is some cheeky humor to keep the grownups amused, but it's engaging and fun. My oldest really wants to write a story to send in!

>> But Why? from NPR/Vermont Public Radio <<

But Why? is another science-y show, but this one takes listener questions and brings in an expert to answer them. The topics are more general than some of the previous podcasts - Why Is Money Important? Are There Underground Cities? - and may appeal to a little younger set as well.

>> Peace Out from <<

My kids don't love Peace Out as much as I do, but sometimes I put it on whether they like it or not. It's a combo yoga/meditation podcast for kids with a story theme to help guide them through. They cover a variety of emotions and situations where mindfulness can be a useful tool.

If my little ones are still running wild at bedtime, I'll lay on the bed with the lights out and play an episode just to help them calm down. There are suggested movements in many episodes, but we haven't managed that because my kids are feral. If nothing else, it relaxes me!

>> Sparkle Stories <<

Sparkle Stories is available as a podcast, or as a paid subscription with access to over 1000 original stories. We've only listened to a few, but the stories follow a group of animals who live at a junkyard and come across various questions and problems to solve.

Which will you listen to first?

Any favorites that your kids love?

And of course, for grownups, I'd love to suggest my podcast, too. Search "Semi Crunchy Mama" on iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play, or listen right here on my site.

Semi Crunchy Coaching Cohort

Being a mom is hard, but you don’t have to feel like you’re struggling to keep your head above water. If you want ongoing support without having to plan it all yourself, read more to see if the Coaching Cohort is right for you.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Do you feel like you’re in survival mode? Is it hard to remember what day it is, what you last ate, or what’s for dinner? Do you constantly feel like you have 973 browser tabs open in your brain?

Is self-care just another item on a never-ending to-do list that adds stress to your life? Are you afraid to be honest because someone will invariably chirp that you’re supposed to “cherish every moment” and you might punch them in the kidney? Did you try to share one of those “mental load” articles with your partner and they got defensive because it’s so true but you hadn’t been able to articulate your resentment effectively?

I get it. And you’re not alone. So often we fall into the trap of thinking, “Once the baby sleeps through the night…” or “Once the baby is done teething…” or “Once the baby starts kindergarten…” THEN we’ll start doing whatever it is that will make us happy and fulfilled. We just have to slog through the swamp of these first five years, AND THEN….

Why not now?

I know, I know, you’re too tired to think about it. You bought that book that will change your life, but you don’t have time to read it before the baby wakes or you fall asleep and drop your phone on your face while scrolling through mom groups on Facebook.

You just want to feel in control of your own life again.

You don’t have to be a Super Mom and do it all to be worthy. You can focus on your needs AND your child’s needs without getting lost in the shuffle.

You are enough, mama, just as you are, but we aren’t meant to do this alone. So don’t. Find your village. Get perspective.

I’ve been a coach since 2011, and after having my first baby in 2013, I felt like my whole life derailed. I assumed I would take 6-12 weeks off then ease right back into running my own business. (You can laugh.)

It took me 2 years to emerge from the fog of a high needs baby, no family support, and a partner with long work hours. And I didn’t do it alone. I needed a village, which was vital, and the real change came when I hired my own coach.

You feel like you should just be able to figure this out, but it’s hard. That mental load, plus decision fatigue, and you have to feed everyone AGAIN?

My coach helped me sort out my own thoughts and prioritize my needs that had been completely subsumed by my child. I felt like myself again.

Let me do that for you.

"Being a mom is approximately 12 million times harder than I ever could have expected. I actually worked with Stacy before I had a baby, and it was a huge relief -- even in those dark moments at 3am -- to know I had her support. Once I figured one thing out, something else always came up, and having that outside perspective from someone who totally gets it is invaluable."

- Anni, mom to a toddler

We don’t need more information, we’re already overwhelmed by people telling us what we have to do or our kids will turn into 3-headed purple octopi with no respect for elders who subsist on Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. We need to be met where we are, heard and seen, and supported.

Even on the days we don't have our sh*t together. ESPECIALLY on those days.

"Stacy fixes your brain. I don't know how she does it, but she just fixes all the stuff in my head that's spinning around."

- Jen, mom of 2-5 kids depending on the day

Join the Semi Crunchy Coaching Cohort.

Just show up as you are. Here’s what you get:

  • 1 call per month with a special theme to discuss
  • 1 group coaching call per month—to tackle what feels overwhelming and break it down so you can move forward and feel a sense of accomplishment that won’t get undone as soon as your kids wake up the next day (laundry, I’m talking about you)
  • 1-2 monthly members-only newsletters with a summary of what we talked about in the calls, because mom brain is real

No overwhelming Facebook feed to sort through, no more notifications to check. No having to remember to schedule a call every month - it will show up in your calendar.

(Call times will vary—one daytime and one evening per month. All calls will be recorded because bed/naptime is unpredictable.)

Support, action steps, accountability, and community. Just $37/month.
I see you, mama. I hope to see you in the group.

Toddlers at the Table

Dinnertime doesn’t have to be a battle.

Have you become a short-order cook making multiple meals for your family? Does your tiny tyrant demand six different foods (@#$%ing granola bars) then refuse to eat any of them? Does the constant whining for snacks make you feel like you’re losing your mind?

You're not alone, and it doesn't have to be that way.


Toddlers at the Table: Feed Your Kids Without the Fight

Dinnertime CAN be pleasant. Your child WILL voluntarily eat vegetables someday. And most important: you don't have to worry as much as you think you do.

I know, you probably think I have some unicorn gourmande child who eats kale like candy, but this could never work for your obligate chicken-nuggetarian. But I don’t. My kids hate kale (most of the time - I talk about that specifically)!

But I’m not worried about it.

And that’s why I created this class. Chances are you’re doing 90% of it perfectly. It’s not like you’re feeding your kids Flamin’ Hot Cheetos for breakfast or putting soda in their sippy cup.

But sometimes we dig ourselves a hole trying to do the right thing from the wrong direction. You can’t dig yourself out the same way you got there. You need new tools.

Everyone should take this class.

That’s where I come in.

After 6 years as a health coach, I’ve listened to a lot of adults tell me about their relationships with food. After almost 5 years as a mom, I’ve tried to work backwards to figure out how to give my kids a better foundation for making healthy food choices.

I’m a strong believer in Baby Led Weaning, and this is the next step.

Click here to buy

Thank you, Stacy, for this class!

In this class you'll learn:

  • where normal (if frustrating) toddler behavior intersects with toddler nutrition needs
  • when to let go and when to worry
  • what the Division of Responsibility in Feeding is and how to apply it to real life
  • simple strategies to get your child to eat more while you stress less

This class was recorded live on October 25, 2017. You get:

  • the 2-hour video recording
  • the 2-hour audio-only recording if you prefer that
  • a downloadable handout with content highlights
  • a printable worksheet with prompts to help you plan your next steps

If you’re ready to enjoy mealtime again (or at least approach it without a sense of dread), you can. Watch the class, try a new approach, and know that you’re doing the best you can.

The class is only $50 (watch it as many times as you want! Show it to your partner and your mom!).

If you have some very specific questions that I don’t address in the class, you can add an individual consultation with me for $50 more.

Click here to buy

What’s Your Holiday Survival Strategy?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

…Until you’re dragging your kids from event to event, leaving the tattered remains of your dignity—and any semblance of a nap schedule—behind you.

…Until you have to wrangle a toddler in a home full of people with expensive and breakable decor who may not support or understand your parenting choices.

…Until you have to deal with the fallout from the literal mountain of plastic, noisy, light-up gifts waiting for your children when you arrive at your in-laws' house.

The holidays can be a stressful time for many reasons. It’s overwhelming to travel with young kids, or to host family and throw off your routine. Suddenly you’re 12 years old again, and still the family outcast who doesn’t quite fit in with your “crunchy” methods.

It doesn’t feel so wonderful when you’re constantly on the defensive about why you’re “still:”

  • nursing
  • co-sleeping
  • not forcing hugs
  • avoiding soda
  • treating your child like a human being

It doesn't have to be that way.

You need someone on your side. You need someone who not only gets you, but can give you an objective plan for the whole holiday season. You need a coach who can be on demand, when things get well….demanding.

"Stacy's been my personal cheerleader for a few years now. She was my health coach before I got married and transitioned seamlessly into being my "mom-of-a-high-needs-baby-coach" (yes, that's a thing) after my son was born.

When your days blend into your nights and your kid won't sleep and you're ALWAYS AWAKE and you feel like you might lose your mind, knowing even one person who's been through the same thing makes a world of difference. I love knowing Stacy is just a text away, armed with helpful articles, funny anecdotes about when her son was going through the 8th leap (does not napping for a whole week count as "funny?"), and reassurances that you're doing great, you're going to get through the afternoon, and yes, your kid will have to close his eyes and go to sleep eventually.

What are you waiting for? You, too, could have a cheerleader in your pocket -- or, over there, on the coffee table, just 2 inches out of reach, and you can't move because there's a sleeping baby on your chest.... Damnit. Guess you'll have to text her after nap time's over." 🤷🏻‍♀️

- Anni Metz, mom of one


With my Holiday Support Package you won't just survive this holiday season, you can thrive. Together, we’ll talk through your most pressing concerns about this holiday season and create an action plan to handle the next few months with grace and ease.

If you’re worried about dealing with family members, we’ll make a plan.
If you don’t know how to navigate parenting around extended family, we’ll make a plan.
If you’re just feeling overwhelmed with all the activities and events of the holidays and can’t even, we’ll make a plan.

And then you can text me! For realz.

Stay Sane This Holiday Season

12-year-old you could stomp off to your room. Since that's not a great option these days, you need to set yourself up for success, and have some backup (especially with your in-laws--amirite?).

You’ll have someone objective in your corner for the whole holiday season. You can’t be expected to navigate all this yourself while running on trail mix and fumes. So don’t.

"Coaching with Stacy was more fun, productive, and useful than I ever expected it to be. I already lead a healthy lifestyle, I’m well read on nutrition and exercise, and I already have good habits. I was skeptical that a coaching session would leave me with changes I was willing to make. I saw a nutritionist once and all she did was draw up a meal plan full of foods I didn’t like and an exercise plan that I didn't follow. I feared a similar experience.

Our session wasn’t about dropping some facts I already knew or telling me to make changes that look good on paper but don't fit into my life. She helped me identify where I wasn’t happy, ways I could make different choices that I was happier with, and drew up a plan of achievable goals and actions that we came up with together. I realized that one issue was the plethora of delicious, but not nutritious, free food available to me at work. She helped me identify why I was seeking afternoon snacks and ways I could make different decisions that fulfilled my needs in more positive ways. She even checked in to see how I was doing and where I was struggling. I started bringing different snacks to work and changed my routine a bit to allow for an afternoon walk or yoga break instead.

If I could have a Stacy in my back pocket all day every day, I would. Having her and her wealth of knowledge just a text away is definitely the next best thing. Rather than talking *at you*, she knows the right questions you don’t think to ask yourself. Everyone could benefit from coaching with Stacy."

- Julie Sanders, mom of 2


After their coaching sessions, clients are always joking that they want “a Stacy in [their] pocket” for when things happen.

Now you can.

What's in it for you:

  • a 45-minute sanity session to talk through all your concerns, worries, and fears
  • a survival strategy that we map out together to keep you sane and anchored through the holiday season so you feel more in control
  • text message support for when you’re feeling stuck, triggered, or just plain ol’ snarky—whatever you need—through the end of the year

You'll leave your call feeling prepared to face anything! (Or at least Thanksgiving dinner.)

I remember my oldest son’s first Christmas when we flew back to the snowy Midwest with a suitcase full of cloth diapers, went on “baby parade,” and my mom smuggled him into the other room so I couldn’t see her feed him a cup full of Cool Whip. It was exhausting.

Never again, we said.

Our next trip was much easier. We knew our limits, set firm boundaries, and had a plan. Our visit was relaxing and enjoyable. Now we go with two kids and survive!

It’s possible to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the holidays with your family in a way that works for you. With a solid strategy in place, you can visit on your terms, and move from reacting to responding, surviving to celebrating.

Now THAT'S a holiday gift that Santa can't bring you.

Your investment for the package is just $125. That’s less than the normal price of a single session!

Put your sanity back on the schedule this holiday season. You’re worth it.