Basic birth plan: Have baby.

BOOM. Done. Right?

You don't need a birth plan, but many parents-to-be find the process of creating a plan helpful to discuss options and preferences for labor and delivery of their baby.

Some general tips:

  • Keep it to one page. It's more likely to be read.
  • Take it to your prenatal appointment so your desires can be put on file in case your practitioner cannot attend your birth.
  • Consider a visual plan if that resonates with you.

Example birth plans used by moms I know.

CLICK HERE to read a birth plan aimed at an unmedicated vaginal birth. It includes contingencies for Cesarean birth or if the baby is sick, too.

CLICK HERE to read a birth plan for a sexual abuse survivor. This is a great example of why a birth plan can be so important and empowering.

CLICK HERE for a birth plan for a scheduled Cesarean birth. Her baby was breech, but a belly birth doesn't mean you can't have a say in your experience.

Earth Mama Angel Baby also has a free birth plan checklist.

Or maybe Jeff and Jamie's birth plan is more your style. Sense of humor required. 😉