We all KNOW we need more self-care. "Put on your own oxygen mask first!"

Cool. Where is my oxygen mask anyway? I think my kids hid it along with the floor of my living room. Sounds great, though.

Many parents that I work with as coaching clients, or in my online group, say that the phrase self-care actually stresses them out, because it's just another way the feel they're failing, and adds one more item on their never-ending to-do list.

But often we're thinking of self-care in terms of big commitments of time, money, childcare, or all three. That doesn't have to be the case. So what are some ways to fit in self-care activities that improve your wellbeing?

Physical Self-Care: 50 ideas to get you started

Simple Physical Self-Care Ideas for Moms

Physical self-care might sound the most straightforward, but there are a range of activities that can fall under it which may not be as obvious. If you start feeling overwhelmed, try asking yourself, "How could this work for me?" (more…)