Semi-Crunchy Mama Holiday Sales

Prices valid Sunday, December 1-Friday, December 6, 2019.

Instant Pot® 101 - save 25%

Did you buy an Instant Pot® this weekend? Or did you buy one LAST YEAR during the holidays or Prime Day and it's still sitting in your closet, unopened?

Fear the pressure cooker no more! With my Instant Pot® 101 online course, I read the manual for you. In this straightforward video, you'll go from opening the box to cooking dinner tonight in about 45 minutes.

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Fearless Feeding Bundle - save 35%

At some point, your kids need to eat. Since 2015 I've taught Introducing Solids with Baby-Led Weaning, in-person, and now online. That class covers the mechanics of eating, signs of readiness, safety and allergy issues, and more, so you can feel confident with your approach.

The next year I created Toddlers at the Table which covers the Division of Responsibility in Feeding in action. It's hard to model a healthy relationship with food for our kids when we never learned it ourselves. Do this course when your baby becomes a toddler to set you up for success, or if you've dug yourself a hole with your 3-year-old and need a way out.

Together these classes would be $154, but this week you can get them both for only $99!

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Virtual Village 3-Month Membership - save 35%

Having kids can change everything, and that seismic shift can make it hard to find your footing again. Identity changes, hormones, body image, relationship stress, sleep deprivation, and learning to reckon with your own childhood -- among other things. We're not meant to do this alone.

Find a Virtual Village of support with a discount on a 3-month membership. This intimate environment is great for people who don't like posting in big groups.

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Holiday Coaching Package - save $300

The holidays can be fraught with busy-ness, extended family and unsolicited advice, changing schedules, travel, and festive carb-laden events. Everyone can get overstimulated, overwhelmed, and over it.

If you could use some backup in creating and holding boundaries, prioritizing what's important to you and your immediate family, and planning some better coping strategies for the holidays this year, consider a coaching package.

This 90-minute package can be broken into two 45-minute sessions, or three 30-minute sessions to give you that extra support this season. Normally this would run $450, but you get it for just $150!

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