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Work With Me

Trust me, I've been there. In the trenches. At 4am. Crying with your baby. Taking deep breaths like it's your job (it kind of is your job). Stress-eating. Feeling like you're failing at everything.

Then snuggling your baby and feeling like everything is going to be OK.

But it would be better if you could just get some sleep. And if the Dish Fairy showed up. And the Laundry Fairy. And maybe their friend the Dinner Fairy (aka pizza delivery).

Did I mention feeling like you're failing at everything?

You're doing great, mama. I promise.

How Can I Help?

I support new moms and dads to help normalize their experience of parenthood.

It's an overwhelming journey at times, and you run out of brain cells for adulting every once in a while. Add the pressure to do everything yourself then post Pinterest-worthy photos of it all online, and it makes you want to sleep for a month.

Or at least 3 hours straight.

I provide individual coaching, classes, and other services so you can devote those few brain cells left to working, raising your kids, and maybe even taking care of yourself. I like to say that I could change the oil in my own car, but I'd rather have someone else do it and stick to what I enjoy.

Classes and Services

Please visit my Upcoming Events page for current class offerings.

Pantry Bust and Label Lesson

Central San Diego only

If you're struggling to consistently feed your family healthier food, or need to eliminate some foods but don’t know where to start, hit the easy button. I'll come to you!

Together we’ll go through your pantry so you can start with a clean slate (and cupboards). We’ll toss what’s not working, discuss alternatives, and make a shopping list. I’ll also teach you how to read labels so it will be like I’m sitting on your shoulder at the grocery store!

Investment: $75 for 60 minutes / $95 for 90 minutes

Grocery Store Tour

Central San Diego only

Intimidated by the prices and unfamiliar products at Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Costco, Jimbo’s, or even Sprouts? Trying to identify gluten- or dairy-free products while sleep-deprived? Don’t go it alone! I’ll even push the cart while I help you choose brands and price points to fit your family and budget, and throw in some recipe suggestions to boot.

Investment: $50 for a private tour, or add a friend for $25 more

Custom Meal Plan

If you or your child has been diagnosed with a food allergy or intolerance, or the mere thought of going on Pinterest makes you overwhelmed, don’t despair! You simply fill out a questionnaire with you and your family’s preferences and goals then I provide 5 (each) breakfast, lunch, and dinner options with recipes and variations based on what you actually want to eat.

Could you do it yourself? Absolutely. Or you could spend time with your family or catch up on Netflix while you wait for me to send it to you. It's a win-win.

Investment: $125 for 15-minute phone consultation and comprehensive custom meal plan with recipes


If you're:

  • worried that you're not doing it "right"
  • facing criticism from family or friends and need some support
  • feeling like you've lost your sense of self
  • know you need some self-care but are struggling to put yourself first
  • have trouble kicking the mommy guilt to the curb
  • neglecting yourself, your marriage, and your health and can't quite dig your way out're not alone. Being a mom is hard. Sometimes it feels impossible. You spend all your energy taking care of other people and run out of energy to take care of yourself. But you don't have to do it yourself.

Give yourself 20 minutes to talk about what's going on. No obligation. No pressure. Just a safe space.

CLICK HERE to schedule a Save Your Sanity Session

Seriously, in just 20 minutes we can:

  • figure out what's really holding you back (it's more than being tired, and you're certainly not lazy)
  • cut through the BS "mom guilt" and judgment from other people
  • set a simple goal you can tackle immediately to feel better NOW

You don't have to have it all figured out, but feeling like you're in the driver's seat of your own life is a big step.
Let's talk.
Because being your best self helps you be a better mom.

After your FREE call, we can discuss what kind of support would be the right fit for you.
Individual coaching packages start at $150 per session.