Hey mama, I see you.

You're spinning plates, while juggling glass balls, and everything is on fire.

It feels like everyone else is managing this better than you.

Everything just seems hard.

And it kind of is.

None of us knew what we were doing when we became parents, no matter what previous experience we had. Neither did our parents, or their parents, either.

It's not just about learning how to keep your kids alive, healthy, and fed. Parenting is a huge personal development journey that adds to the overwhelmingly steep learning curve of becoming a parent, especially a mom.

  • Many of us never learned how to hold space for big feelings, for ourselves or for others.
  • Many of us were expected to conform to rigid social standards that weren't healthy for us.
  • Many of us were taught or shown that everyone else's needs came before our own.

Then we think, "If I just mommed harder, planned better, exercised more, were more grateful, then it would be easier and I'd be happy like everyone else."

If only it worked that way.

Wouldn't it be great if parenting came with a handbook on how to feel like yourself while raising kids in alignment with your values, even if you weren't raised in a way you care to repeat, while successfully adulting and overthrowing oppressive systems?

.....Or, even better, what about MOM SCHOOL?

Mom School

This isn't about how to parent your child, because you already know enough to do that. You know that parenting is about meeting your child where they are with empathy, and being the calm in the storm.

You KNOW that, but that means you also have to work on yourself.

That's where Mom School comes in. It's not about your kids. It's about YOU.

  • It's about aligning who you are as a person and who you are as a parent.
  • It's about identifying your values and obstacles to living out those ideals.
  • It's about naming the systems that prevent our success so we can give up the guilt.

So how does it work?

You're busy. You're overwhelmed. You have negative 17 brain cells to spare and already don't sleep.

I get it, I am right there with you. (P.S. If you see my toddler, please let her know that 4am is for SLEEPING, thanks.)

  • You don't have to join another group on Facebook or anywhere else.
  • There are no long videos to watch.
  • All you need to do is check your email a few times per week.

So what DO you get?

This program takes the most common issues I talk about with my individual coaching clients and in my support groups, and puts it all together into 6 weeks of digestible content for you.

There are 4 weeks of topics with small steps to work on, then 2 weeks for implementation because life happens. I'll hold your hand through the whole process.

Mom School topics

I don't just want to throw information at you. You already HAVE too much information. The focus is on walking you through the steps.

You get:

  • A workbook with all the content in one place to print out and fill in.
  • Emails each weekday with a small, doable assignment, explained in a short video.
  • Two weeks of topics followed by an implementation week to allow for life to happen.
  • Live Zoom calls to kick us off, wrap up, and for office hours in between for virtual "face-to-face" support.

In 6 weeks we will:

  • write our personal "MOMifestos" to align your values with your actions
  • kick mom guilt to the curb so you feel more confident making decisions
  • talk about the issues with self-care and what realistic implementation looks like
  • and discuss identities before after kids and how to feel like "more than a mom" again

We start November 23, 2020 and run through the end of the year. We all need support right now, and the holidays during a pandemic after an election season? I hope you join us.

The investment is $347.
CLICK HERE to join us.

Need a payment plan? CLICK HERE to pay in 2 installments.

Important dates:

  • Kick-off Zoom call: Monday, November 23
  • Office Hours call: Thursday, December 10
  • Progress Zoom call: Monday, December 14
  • Wrap-up Zoom call: Wednesday, December 30

You deserve to have the support you need.